Project Information
Project Name Assessment of the Effects of Drainage Wells (Suck Wells) and Karst Sink Holes on the Groundwater Quality of Barbados
Project Code FEM0323
Department Special Multilateral Fund of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (FEMCIDI)
Project Objectives The main objective of this project is to evaluate past, present, and potential future effects of drainage wells (suck wells) and karst sink holes on the quality and sustainability of groundwater resources on Barbados and to identify and develop mitigative technologies to minimize their possible negative effects. This work effort will enhance Barbados’s capabilities in the area of groundwater resource management, and more specifically, support the Government of Barbados groundwater management and land use strategies as it relates to protecting groundwater quality and sustainable groundwater development amid pressures from residential, industrial, and agricultural development. The work is also important for the management of coastal marine resources on Barbados as contaminants that enter the groundwater system through drainage wells (suck wells) and sink holes will eventually discharge into the coastal marine environment. The impacts of land-based pollution of the coastal marine environment include significant alteration of coastal marine ecosystems (including the loss of coral reefs, habitats, flora and fauna, and biodiversity) and enhanced beach erosion.
Project Start 2009 Duration (Months): 36
Financial Details (in USD$)
Year Requested Amount Approved Amount
2008 $150,820 $0
2009 $150,290 $118,970
2010 $137,170 $0
TOTAL $438,280 $118,970
Project Sector Sustainable Development
Coordinating Country Barbados Coverage: National
Participating Countries Barbados
Executing Institution
Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology
Category: Proposal
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