Project Information
Project Name Training of unemployed, marginalized, at -risk youth in Construction and Building Trades
Project Code FEM0326
Department Special Multilateral Fund of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (FEMCIDI)
Project Objectives The project is aimed at reducing unemployment and poverty among young men and women who come from different parts of the country and who require travelling assistance in order to access training. The training modules will provide them with the necessary building skills to enhance the building stock of the country and to improving their quality of life. The first year of the project will focus primarily on training activities. The second year will enable a subset of the trainees to access business and financial services to facilitate enterprise development.
Project Start 2009 Duration (Months): 24
Financial Details (in USD$)
Year Requested Amount Approved Amount
2009 $100,283 $50,142
2010 $63,740 $13,400
TOTAL $164,023 $63,542
Project Sector Social Development
Coordinating Country Dominica Coverage: National
Participating Countries Dominica
Executing Institution
Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Sports and Youth Affairs
Category: Proposal
 DO_FEM0326_Training of Unemployed_PROP