Project Information
Project Name Anger Management and Conflict Resolution Programme for Schools
Project Code FEM0356
Department Special Multilateral Fund of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (FEMCIDI)
Project Objectives 1. To assist students in: Understanding how Anger is seen in our culture; Understanding that Anger can be positive or negative; Understanding the origins of Anger – hurt, denial, put down, shut down, let down; Understanding themselves – their feelings; Understanding some of the psychological/ social issues around Anger; Accepting that personality/ parenting/ behavioural issues can contribute to one’s feelings of Anger; • Building awareness of why we do what we do; Learning how to seek and accept help in managing Anger. 2. To assist Teachers and Guidance Counselors in: Understanding how Emotional Literacy can inhibit violent behavior; Building more positive relationships with students, parents/ guardians; Understanding how “acting-out” behavior can spiral out of control; Understanding the roots of anger and conflict; Working with students and their families in managing anger; Understanding how they can contribute to negative anger. 3. To assist parents and guardians in: Providing support to teachers and their children; Understanding anger and conflict issues; Developing the ability to look for signs of potential trouble in children.
Project Start 2010 Duration (Months): 12
Financial Details (in USD$)
Year Requested Amount Approved Amount
2010 $22,589 $22,589
TOTAL $22,589 $22,589
Project Sector Education
Coordinating Country Saint Kitts and Nevis Coverage: National
Participating Countries Saint Kitts and Nevis
Executing Institution
Project Management Unit (PMU), Ministry of Education
Category: Proposal
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