Project Information
Project Name Early Childhood Education in the Interior of Suriname
Project Code FEM0314
Department Special Multilateral Fund of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (FEMCIDI)
Project Objectives Improve the pre-school childrearing practices of 3-6 year old children and their primary schoolresults in the interior of Suriname (Santigron, Abadoekondre, Brownsweg, Kayapaty, Lespansi, Jaw Jaw)
Project Start 2008 Duration (Months): 48
Financial Details (in USD$)
Year Requested Amount Approved Amount
2008 $107,000 $63,525
2009 $102,455 $77,495
2010 $99,735 $66,150
2011 $75,310 $0
TOTAL $384,500 $207,170
Project Sector Education
Coordinating Country Suriname Coverage: National
Participating Countries Suriname
Executing Institution
Stichting CARIN
Category: Proposal
 SU_Early Childhood Education_PROP